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Slitaz project – Introduction: I love virtualization!

An introduction, ah yes…

Ever since I started in ‘the IT business’ I always dreamt of creating huge networks. As a young student it wasn’t simple achieving this goal. Machines cost a lot of money, which is sparse when you are a student. Luckily I found out about virtualization.

Ever since I found out about it, I wanted to do something big. Really big. Not in terms of resources but complexity.

A few years ago I found about Slitaz, a small operating system that (according to a few tests I’ve done) is happy with only 64 MB of RAM and 512 MB HDD space.
Perfect for virtualizing a huge network. A modest amount of 2GB of RAM and 16GB of disk space allows me to virtualize 32 Slitaz machines! Ouch… I just hope my processor can keep up all this load. (My current PC specs: Intel Core i5-2500 3.3Ghz / 8 GB RAM)

The goal is to virtualize and build:
– 2 load balancers using haproxy and keepalived
– 4 front end webservers with lighttpd (with php support)
– 2 mysql machines. 1 master and 1 slave (for backup)
– a cluster filesystem (probably glusterfs or moosefs) using 4 cluster nodes and 1 controller node
Total: 13 machines using 832 MB or RAM and 6.5 GB of RAM.

– optional goal: Virtualized router (probably wolverine from coyotelinux or smoothwall)

More to come…

Update 1: The cluster FS will be GlusterFS
Update 2: Keepalived scrapped. (If somebody knows how to get it working. Comment!)



Also I created a little scheme to illustrate the project:

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